Novalac Vinyl Ester


ORCHEM™ – 113 is a medium viscosity , tough and flexibleEpoxy Novolac based vinyl ester resin based.
It has excellent wettability with glass fibres , processability, easy air releasing properties and low hide in characteristics helping during fabrication and maintenance.
It is specially stabilized to offer improved corrosion resistance and mechanical strength at elevated temperatures . It shows excellent resistance to various solvents and acidic oxidizing environments.
The resin has high heat distortion temperature.Its Controlled curing characteristic allows to build up thicker laminates without excessive exotherm.
Components moulded show excellent structural profile, superior retention of strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

Additional Information

Formulation  Vinyl Esters
Process  Hand lay up
Industry  Chemical Containment, Electrical, Industrial
Grade  ORCHEM-113

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