Isophthalate Resin


OC™ – 900 is medium viscosity, medium reactivity, non pre accelerated, non thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin based on Isophthalic acid. The resin is specially tailor made for resistance to mild chemical atmosphere. It is designed to have quick curing characteristics, excellent wettability with glass fibre and is suitable for hand lay up.

The glassfibre laminate made with the resin has excellent mechanical properties, good rigidity and durability. Parts moulded from OC™ -900 show good toughness, chemical resistance to mild chemicals, optimum HDT and low water absorption.

Additional Information

Formulation  Isophthalate Resin
Process  Hand lay up
Industry  Chemical Containment, Construction, Electrical, Industrial, Sports & Leisure
Grade  OC-900

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