Engineered Stone Resin for Marble Application


ORCHEM™ – 709 is a medium viscosity, low reactive, non pre accelerated, non thixotropic unsaturated polyester resin specially engineered for production of Composite Marble by block process. It is designed to have low shrinkage and high resistance to crack formation and bending.

ORCHEM™ – 709 has low colour , moderate glass transition temperature and excellent processibility. It is specially stabilized to ensure exceptional consistency and repeatability of composite marbles. It’s unique cure profile, high filler loading, low shrinkage and moderate exothermal development exhibits a non cracking tendency and has excellent physical properties.

Slabs engineered from ORCHEM™ – 709 exhibits superior mechanical strength, thermal shock resistance, better surface quality and gloss.

Additional Information

Formulation  Special Grades
Process  Casting
Industry  Architecture, Building, Construction, Sanitary
Grade  ORCHEM-709

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