To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country's human development index

We plan to develop an innovative, cost-effective, and durable product in support of the Sanitation India Initiative by our Prime Minister with a conscious effort to reduce the cost of manufacturing the products under this initiative. In line with the same, we have developed customized products for the leading manufacturers of manhole covers, ensuring high strength and load bearing capacity.

  • Our efficient ETP ensures the treatment of by-products of the manufacturing in a controlled environment, hence reducing the impact on the environment.
  • We have installed rainwater harvesting system at both our works and have ensured that the water is correctly collected and channeled through connecting pipes to meet groundwater.
  • We have been regularly planting trees at factory vicinity villages and neighbourhood as a strong initiative to promote a healthy living atmosphere and keep area green.
  • We contribute for the welfare of the society through donations made to NGOs in order to monitor the health of the needy.