Composite in Marine Industry

Composite in Marine Industry

The use of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) has recently increased in marine structures, with a minimum of engineering analysis and design evolution. Although fiberglass has been used for many years in small recreational and high-performance boats, a range of new composite materials is now being utilized for various applications. The objective of this report is to examine the use of FRP and other composite materials in marine construction; determine important considerations in past design; review developments in related industries; predict areas for future marine applications; and recommend future research needs. Reference information for this project included investigations of previous researchers, materials manufacturers data, and marine industry survey results. The publication is organized into chapters on applications, materials, design, performance, fabrication, testing, and reference.


Ortho ORCHEM TM – 208

ISO Gelcoat ORGEL TM – 501

ISO NPG Gelcoat ORGEL TM – 504


ISO Infusion ORCHEM TM – 918

Salient Features of Our Products

  • Offers Good Impact Resistance
  • Excellent Strength
  • Longing Durabilityn
  • Quick Curing
  • Forms Glossy and Tough Surface
  • Low Viscosity  for infusion
  • Excellent Wet Out
  • Low Injection Moulding Time
  • High Resistance to Hydrolysis
  • Excellent Chemical and Mechanical Properties
  • Low Water Absorption
  • Excellent Gloss Retention
  • Excellent Water and Weather Resistant

Typical Applications

Passenger Transport – Passenger Ferries, Country boats in inland waterways

Recreational Tourism – Luxury cruisers, Speed launches, Houseboats | Floating Hotels | Cottages, Pedal Boats

Offshore – Deck structures of platforms, Submersibles, Drilling and production risers, Submarine pipelines

Fishing – Fishing vessels

Defence – Components of submarines and warships

Safety equipment – Rescue boats and lifeboats

General Service – Pontoons | Buoys | Buoyancy drums, dredging pipelines

Commercial ships – Superstructure and other structures above deck, Foundations, and outfitting

Defence – Boat, Ambulance, etc.